I found this on eBay this morning.  The item description says:

So you have a Pinewood derby coming up?
What you have no tools, no time, no help and no place to build a racer?

Well XXXXXXX to the rescue!  I am an artist who loves to build fast pinewood cars with tried and true speed methods. I can deliver an ultra fast beautiful car that will be a treasure.

For SIXTY DOLLARS (!!!) you can buy your privileged little snowflake the derby car that will beat all others…because, you know, you just don’t have the TIME to spend with your kids as you work your way up the corporate ladder.

Who doesn’t have the time, the help or the place to build these things?  You could carve the soft pine block with a steak knife if you wanted.  I started this site to give parents an outlet for their own creativity (and allow the kids to channel their own in the process).  It’s things like this that make me want to scream.

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One Response to FAIL.

  1. Tracy Kennedy says:

    I agree. Crap like this defeats the entire pupose of the excercise. Our pack committee has actually considered that all race entrants turn in the remaining saw dust and scraps of wood from thier cars as proof that the car was built at home and not bought. But instead of doing that, last year we started a Derby Car building clinic for our pack. We will set aside an entire Saturday prior to our race and all the adults will bring what ever tools they have. (hand drills, bandsaws, belt sanders, scrollsaws, rasps and fils etc.) We will set everything up in the basement of the church. We all build our cars together in an afternoon. This way all the kids have the same advatage and the same opportunity to build a car with thier parent. At the same time we can work on level requirements and electives in the scout books for advancement while building the cars.