Ford Mustang and Jeep Rubricon

Check out these sweet jobbies created by www.RampageProducts.comĀ  The description describes their building process of the Jeep:

Being a member of SEMA we get a chance to be apart of some great events. Our Vice President Dave Williams is helping to put on the SEMA Cares Pinewood Derby Races this Saturday, July 24, 2010 in Pasadena, CA. Proceeds from this event will benefit Childhelp USA and Victory Junction Gang Camp.

SEMA Cares Pinewood Derby Races

The event is to help out the kids. There are multiple classes, Stock, Modified, Unlimited, and Build It For Me/Sponsor a Child. The Build it For Me/Sponsor a Child cars will be built by the kids in the Childhelp USA and Victory Junction Gang Camp programs and will be assisted by various volunteers from SEMA member companies.

Here are some specs and build notes about the vehicle. Form:

-Constructed of Pine utilized from the original supplied kit, balsa wood (for the upper body portion) and plastic parts. Front and Rear bumpers are exact replicas of the Rampage Products Recovery Bumpers for the Jeep Wrangler JK and were 3D CAD modeled and then printed on our 3D ABS prototype printer. The factory styled fender flares were built in the same fashion.

-Balsa used to keep weight down on upper portion of body. Plastic parts primed sanded and finished for smooth surface. Entire block surfaced and finished with catalyzed automotive primer then painted with 2 stage (base / clear) auto paints.

-Custom decals designed on CAD file then printed on prototype decal printer for custom water slide application. After decals, entire body painted with 3 coats catalyzed clear (less fenders and bumpers). Fenders, top and bumpers painted with a satin texture for scale realism. Fenders attached as part of final assembly.


-Utilized kit supplied wheels turned on micro lathe to ensure smooth rolling surface and cut with a raised center section to limit rolling resistance. Wheels polished inside and on rolling surface.

-3 grooves .010″ deep and .015″ wide cut into the (kit supplied) axles to limit rolling surface friction on the wheels and to allow the powdered lubricant a place to remain inside for dynamic lubrication. Axles highly polished on lathe.

-Tungsten weights used at the rear and slightly to the left of the centerline of the vehicle to allow 3 wheels to ride on the track surface instead of 4 for less drag. Weighs in at 5.95oz’s based on a max of 6 oz’s. Applied powdered aerospace lubricant formulation to the surface of the wheels, inside edges and inside surfaces that roll on axles.

-Axles and wheels aligned on custom jig, wheels tested for rolling resistance on pane of glass.

Total hours; approx 35+.
Aerodynamics: Horrible.
Why: Just because!

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