Winning by a Broken Nose (head-start cheater car)

The wicked cheater, "Broken Nose"Beware of “The Broken Nose” Derby Monster; it is guaranteed to get a four-and-a-half-inch head start over the competition… all without internal engines or any other device.

This simplest of all cheats starts with the basic Pinewood Derby starter gate

(I recreated one using a box and some popsicle sticks.)

A typical Pinewood Derby will have posts sticking up that hold the car in place.  These posts are secured to a single handle that, when released, moves the posts out of the way, letting the Pinewood Derby cars drift down the track.That’s all good and fine for “normal” Pinewood Derby cars, but here at the Derby Monster headquarters, we’re looking for every diabolical cheat and dirty trick.  With a simple wedge-and-split design of the “Broken Nose” car, the starting line suddenly becomes a major advantage for us.

This sucker has 4 1/2 inches over the competition.  And let’s not mention the additional 8.5 ounces of lead weights we packed in the back end of this beast for extra speed.  (shh!)Here’s a few more pics of the Broken Nose.   We bought a bunch of cool Halloween toys for our builds and will be putting them on ‘em because they make the cars look like something Ed “Big Daddy” Roth would do.

Stay weird, my friends.

-Diabolical Dave

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