SEMA contest Pt. 2

Entry for SEMA’s charity Pinewood Drag Race by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.  Look at those curves and that glorious paint.  Drool…

Source:  Hot Rod Magazine, November 2010

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SEMA 2010 Pinewood Derby Contest pt.1

Hot Rod Magazine reports: SEMA (the annual automotive tradeshow) recently held its annual charity car show in Pasadena, CA…  This year marked SEMA’s 3rd annual Pinewood Drag Race, sponsored by eBay.  Proceeds from the program benefit…Childhelp and Victory Junction Gang Camp.

…A special Hot Rod Industry Alliance Builder’s Race featured derby cars built by fullsize hot rod builders.  The only rule the pro cars had was that they had to use at least one part from the supplied Mills Crafts kit, and the rest was up to their CNC-riddled imagination.

Source:  Hot Rod Magazine, Nov. 2010

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I’d build one, but I’d lose it

Built by Mark Osbourne.  Source: Flickr (link to original)

-Diabolical Dave

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Submit your DerbyMonster & win these books

The guys at Fox Chapel Publishing just handed me 8 sets of these awesome Pinewood Derby books.  They’re looking for the most diabolical derby car out there.  Can you build it?

Here’s the deal:  Start with a standard Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby kit and then go crazy.  Build the car that would beat all others, no matter what.  Gunpowder?  Sure!  Internal engines (rubber band, battery operated, whatever) are legal.  Devices that slow down, mess up or totally destroy the competition are encouraged as well.  The first 8 submissions will get the books!

Send your pictures and descriptions me at and the best submissions will be added to the site.  Who knows, maybe we’ll all get together for a few beers and actually battle it out with these suckers someday!

Stay weird my friends

Diabolical Dave

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From the Maker Faire blog: Unlimited Derby entry by Tim Brandt

“I have for the past several years made different cars for Pinewood Derby Races. Two are legal cars and two are unlimited cars. These cars all have one thing in common. They all have Micro Controllers and sensors to tell when they are moving and to cause something to happen. The two weight legal cars just had blinky lights and sound effects. The other two have motors. One has standard small RC rear end and the other uses an Electric Ducted Fan Unit. The one with the EDF also has blinky lights which were not working for the race shown on the youtube video from 3/6/10.

See it in action:

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Steampunk Blowfish – air powered Pinewood Derby car

This is so friggin’ cool, I’m about to hyperventilate!  “Sliptonic” built this pressurized air powered derby car using a round Coke bottle, copper tubing and a CAD program.

He entered it into a no rules Pinewood Derby race, filled it to 120psi and blew away the competition.

For more pics, build specs and video, check out his blog,

Stay weird my friends.

Diabolical Dave

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Top Gun: Do-it-yourself propeller car

Here’s another one from the guys over at .  They even posted plans.  They’re my kind of freaks…  Here’s the link.

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Build your own rocket car

The guys over at came up with this freakin’ sweet rocket propelled Pinewood Derby car that even includes a parachute.  I think I’m in love.  You can see more pics and purchase the plans here (link).

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Not my type

Seriously, it’s not my type.  I didn’t build it! ;)

Sweet design from a grown-ups derby competition.  Read about the whole thing in the Make Magazine blog:  Source

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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